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Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration

kitchen-fire.jpg Every fire is unique and leaves behind specific clues that investigators and fire restoration professionals use to determine the characteristics of a fire.

No Two Flames Are Alike - Same for smoke

Fires can create what is called "wet smoke" which is a low heat, smoldering type fire. It has a pungent odor, very sticky, and smears easy. Then there is a "dry smoke" which comes from a fast burning high temperature fire. Virtually invisible "protein" smoke can discolor paints and varnishes and has a pungent odor. Fuel oil soot is the stuff that puffs back from the furnace. These are just a few of the types, but there are more. Each needs to be cleaned differently.

A sticky smoke can't be cleaned with soap and water because it will smear. Also, conventional cleaning methods will only make things worse because the smoke can be inadvertantly pressed into the cracks of good floors or tile grout.

Let the Pros Handle It

We will test the area to determine the best cleaning method. We'll also determine whether items can be restored and eliminate needless replacements.

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