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Remodel Cleaning

Remodel cleaning Remodeling is a dirty job no matter how you look at it. Things like very fine dust from drywall, wood sanding, and floor refinishing, to adhesives, paints, stains, and debris are usually left behind.

Often times, even when you think it's clean you find yourself constantly finding dust everywhere.

Professional Cleaners Get All the Dust

We have industrial strength equipment that is designed to pick up the tiniest dust particles. But it's not just the equipment that does the work, it's how the room or property is prepared that makes the difference. Typically, when a vacuum sucks dust, it also blows exhaust which moves loose particals throughout the room or property. We have special equipment that redirects the exhaust outside. We also seel off the room as we're working so other clean rooms are not polluted.

Thought you did a good job?

You could buy a shop vac at homedepot.com, lowes.com, or other home improvement store, but they still can't match the industrial strength machines we have. It's just not a wise use of money to buy a vacuum that you'll use once. Besides, you'll be cleaning for months as the dust works it's way up through the cracks in between your hardwood floor or carpet. And if you were running the heat or air conditioning while remodeling, you could be cleaning indefinately. Chances are you need your air ducts cleaned and disinfected too.

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